Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays Just Effen Suck

Can't we just skip to Tuesday?

But then Monday will be Tuesday?

No.  This is a hypothetical world that I'm talking about.   Mondays don't exist and we just move on to Tuesday and people actually get things done instead of waiting for Monday Night RAW to come on.


The upward struggle continues as I await for people to get back to me from emails that I sent their way.

I just love that in this mega-info world we have, some people still don't feel the need to actually take 12 seconds out of their lives to send an response email.

So I wait.

Got a lot of projects on the horizon and I'd like to get them going RIGHT NOW!

Seems that I'm always waiting on other people to get things moving ....  but then I remember that they got lives also and are probably swamped with loads of other Monday stuff that they are doing as well.

Anyway .... here's the update ....
- Got a meeting with these guys on Friday about some new show I'm pitching.

Happy Saturdays
- A playhouse is reading this now and I have to decide if I can produce this and make it worth everybody's while.   I'm thinking that a combined stage production and web video premiere might be the trick.

Journey to the Strip Mall
- This is a feature length screenplay I have that has won all sorts of awards.  It's being read by an agency now ... and I'm in a holding pattern until they get back to me.

Go to to see the website

SAM Demon Hunter
- I wrote this ebook a while ago and it is still available on Kindle.   I just found out that the Kindle app is now available on the Android platform, so download that sucker and buy this ebook.  It's only 99 cents and it kicks ass.

You can pick it up here ..  SAM Demon Hunter

Or just download the Kindle app for your mobile and download it from there.

So that's about it for now.

I'm gonna go buy a burrito and pray that time moves quicker so I can get to Tuesday.

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