Friday, April 8, 2011

Heading off to the gala

So I'm heading into the magical land of Queens (Long Island City to be precise) to be a part of a 4-hour gala for a new online television network called

As it stands right now, I've struck a deal with these guys to produce a pilot for my new show called ONE-ACT.

It's a show that'll feature all of my one-act plays.

Wanna see a quick one?   Check out "AGREED!" 

Now, I'm not really sure what to expect from tonight, since it's actually going to be televised on the web.

Will I get on camera?  Who the hell knows?

If you wanna check it out, go here at 7pm and stick around for 4 hours ....

I took a tour of this place recently, being all brave and driving to Long Island City, cuz I'm a really big fan of The Road Warrior and I wanted to experience some car smashing action!

From what I can tell about tonight, it's gonna be a massive shmoozefest, so I'll be playing The Dealmaker all night.

However, this time, I'll be LIRR'ing it and doing the "Train Transfer Mambo."

Let's hope the Long Island Rail Road is actually on time for once.

It almost makes me wanna take a cue from my girlfriend Helena's li'l nephew Vinny and take Thomas the Tank Engine instead of the LIRR.

So stay tuned.

More info to come on this wacky adventure.


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