Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stand Up University - 2-minute teaser

Here's a 2-minute clip of Stand Up University.

A documentary about a party guy named Rob Altmann who decides to take a class to become a stand up comedian.

Scan down one blog for a 5-minute intro to this documentary that sets up the story.

This clip gives you a brief glimpse of Rob on the stage, his feelings about doing this, and how the teachers of the comedy course plan to shape his routine.

The clip opens with comedy teacher Rich Walker talking about how Rob found his comedy character right away ....

Stand Up University - documentary

Here's a 5-minute clip from the beginning of Stand Up University.

This is a documentary about a party guy named Rob Altmann and his journey to realizing his dream of becoming a stand up comedian.

Rob's a 43-year old "guy stuck in a frat house environment" that goes through a 7-week course teaching the craft of stand up.

There are a group of other students in the class and we follow them, along with Rob, as they attempt the conquer their fears and get up there on stage!

Here's a clip that happens right after the credits.

We get to meet Rob in his "natural party environment" and then see the comedy class, along with intros of the other students.

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